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How the ACES program works 

How The ACES Program Transforms Home Renovation in Singapore

Singapore boasts one of the highest rates of homeownership. The island state residents often commit significant financial resources to home renovation projects. However, home renovation is a complex process that can be challenging for those without expertise. It’s crucial to homeowners’ quality of life. Yet, even when homeowners make substantial financial investments, including taking out renovation loans, there’s no guarantee of a smooth project.

Potential pitfalls include hiring an underqualified designer or irresponsible contractor. Homeowners would have to deal with poorly thought out designs, neglected requests, subpar materials, and shoddy workmanship despite significant expenses. Even if homeowners have secured a reliable firm for their project, not all risks can be eliminated.

Unforeseen accidents during a home renovation project, like structural damage, electrical problems, plumbing mishaps, or even unexpected weather-related damage, can disrupt the renovation timeline and lead to budget overruns. Recognizing that these challenges can often be beyond homeowners’ control, a more comprehensive solution is needed. 

As a third-party Quality Control brand, Agcare offers independent consultancy and support to homeowners who may lack expertise in interior design. We diligently oversee projects on behalf of homeowners to ensure they proceed as planned and facilitate productive collaboration between homeowners and their selected interior design firms in Singapore

The ACES Program was created by Agcare to serve as a comprehensive solution for homeowners’ renovation journey in Singapore.

How the ACES program works 

How the ACES program works 

The ACES Program, short for “Assurance and Customer Excellence Service Program,” lays the groundwork for a smooth renovation experience for both homeowners and trusted interior design firms. Furthermore, it extends assistance to homeowners during emergencies and provides insurance coverage against unexpected accidents. It’s a dependable and foolproof way to embark on your home renovation journey, offering peace of mind and added protection.

Our journey commences with the induction period, where we diligently assist homeowners in gaining a full understanding of the renovation’s scope and what lies ahead in the coming months. This knowledge is particularly vital for first-time homeowners, equipping them with the insights and confidence they need to navigate this significant phase of their lives with peace of mind.

Step 01: Letter Of Assurance

The Letter of Assurance is a key component of the ACES Program offered by Agcare and its interior design partners. Functioning as a mutual agreement between homeowners and interior designers, it plays a pivotal role in establishing clear expectations during the renovation process. By delineating what both parties can anticipate, this letter fosters understanding and builds trust, setting the stage for effective collaboration throughout the project.

<Click here> to view a template of the Letter of Assurance. 

Step 02: Dual On-Site Audit Checks

Dual On-Site Audit Checks, conducted by Agcare, serve as quality assurance checkpoints during a renovation. It involves two separate visits to your home to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly. Agcare conducts various tests to check the progress of essential elements like tiles, electrical points, water, and sanitary structures, making sure they meet established standards. This process helps detect and address any issues early on, keeping the renovation work on the right track and maintaining the desired quality standards.

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Step 03: Customer Care

Avant Garde Care provides direct support to customers throughout the home renovation journey. We offer a dedicated helpline that’s accessible to both homeowners and interior designers. Whether you have design-related queries or encounter technical challenges during your renovation, our helpline is here to assist you every step of the way. Our aim is to ensure a successful and hassle-free completion of your home renovation project.

Step 04: Handover + Official Guarantee By Interior Designer

Once the project is completed, the interior design firm and contractor will initiate the handover process.  Agcare steps in to conduct a thorough quality check. Alongside ensuring quality, the ACES program includes one year of All Risk Home Insurance coverage, starting from a $50,000 sum. This insurance serves as a financial safety net, shielding your home and renovation from unforeseen accidents. Additionally, you become eligible for complimentary Emergency Home Services provided by Agcare, offering vital assistance in unexpected situations.

Homeowners’ Feedback on ACES program

Homeowners' Feedback on ACES program

Homeowners who have had the opportunity to benefit from the ACES Program have generously shared their overwhelmingly positive feedback. Their firsthand experiences have shed light on the valuable advantages that ACES offers to those navigating the complex world of home renovation. These testimonials serve as a testament to the program’s effectiveness and the peace of mind it brings to homeowners.

“Their initial induction program was a lifesaver for us as first-time renovators, helping us understand the process. With our busy schedules, their timely updates gave us peace of mind, and their warranty certificate with up to $50,000 coverage provided extra security. They’re the professionals you can rely on,” one homeowner recently shared about their HDB renovation project. 

Final Word

Home renovation in Singapore, despite its importance in enhancing homeowners’ quality of life, often presents a challenging journey filled with potential pitfalls. The complexities and uncertainties of this process can lead to financial stress and dissatisfaction. The ACES Program is designed by Agcare to address these problems. 

Through a well-structured sequence of steps, ACES empowers homeowners with knowledge, assurance, and safeguards to support their renovation experience. The Letter of Assurance initiates this journey by fostering mutual understanding and trust between homeowners and interior designers. Dual On-Site Audit Checks provide crucial quality assurance, ensuring that renovation projects adhere to the highest standards.

Furthermore, ACES offers a dedicated customer care helpline and home insurance coverage to address homeowners’ needs and protect their investments. The feedback from those who have benefited from ACES underscores its effectiveness in bringing peace of mind to homeowners. 

Whether you’re renovating your first BTO or planning your dream retirement home, Agcare wants your renovation journey to be a dream come true. We’re here to ensure that your experience is free from the nightmares of chaotic schedules, delays, or wasted investments. 

Are you in the midst of planning your renovation but feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start? Have troublesome delays or subpar workmanship left you frustrated? Don’t worry; we’re here to provide the support and solutions you need to navigate these challenges effectively. Feel free to reach out to us, and let’s make your renovation journey a smooth and successful one together.



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